Spring Bulbs Are Fun & Easy To Grow!

Every spring, as soon as the last frost hits the ground, we can't wait to get our favorite bulbs and tubers planted from their winter rest. Sprouting new growth at the end of their dormancy, summer flowering bulbs and tubers are ready to be buried in moist, well draining soil, for a fantastic show all summer long. 

At Roxanne's Dried Flowers, we carry a variety of bulbs and tubers from the Netherland Bulb Company. Trusted for their quality growing practices, these plants are bound to impress in both the flower and potted gardens at your home. After planting bulbs, make sure to keep the soil continually moist during the initial growing stage. If planting in pots, make sure to plant densely for a more dramatic appearance. 

Dahlias and Caladiums offer great impact in the cutting garden. Continual cutting at the start of each flowering branch on a dahlia encourages new flower growth and faster plant development.  Clipping the dramatic stalks of Caladium leaves offers unique greens for your dinner-party, garden arrangements.

Known for scale and showmanship, dramatic Elephant Ears and Canna Lilies will make a grand statement in the flower bed, provided they are well watered, and staked when necessary. At the end of the summer, cut these hard working plants to the bulb and remove from soil. Shake excess soil free, and allow to dry in a cool, airy spot for several days before storing in a paper bag amongst hay or peat moss. Never store your bulbs or tubers in plastic, as they are living plants and need to breathe.

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