Summertime Garden Bulb Favorites: Lilies

Easy to plant and enjoy, Lilies offer an explosion of color and shape to the perennial garden in summer. At Roxanne's Dried Flowers, we love dramatic Trumpet Lilies for their tall stems, massive blooms, and strong fragrance. 

We have a wide variety of Tiger Lilies, Trumpet Lilies and Martagon Lilies ready to plant. or an exciting composition, plant Lily bulbs behind mounding, perennial bushes and herbaceous growing plants for height and drama. 

Lilies like good draining soil, and at least a half-day of sun, so notice where the rain first dries out in your beds, and plant away! A good mulching will keep the bulbs cool in summer heat, but otherwise, the plants are simple and offer many years of beautiful scent and color. 

We have a variety of lilies from the Netherland Bulbs Company, some started in our backyard garden, and others still in bulb form, ready for you to plant immediately! We also have several varieties of shorter stemmed lilies from our favorite nurseries, ready to plant and enjoy today. We encourage your to join us in our love affair with these gorgeous plants, and to basque in the grandeur for years to come!