Spring Bulbs: Enjoying A Naturalized Forest Garden

Many of us in Western Pennsylvania enjoy a wooded property, and at Roxanne's Dried Flowers, we have the perfect plants to add color and interest, while maintaining a natural, wildflower look. Inspired by her own hikes, every spring, Roxanne collects her favorite native species and woodland plants to offer at the shop.

This year she has collected several lovely options, one of our favorites being Trillium. Recognizable on a forest hike in spring, just off the trails, you will see clusters of three and six-petaled flowers rising in clumps. Growing from rhizomes just under the soil surface, Trillium grow as low stalks, with three petal-like structures, underneath a simple and beautiful flower. Notice the white flowers poking up around the forest floor.

With our collection from the Netherland Bulb Company, you can choose from the White Wake Robins, or the Red Wake Robins, to complement your own wooded gardens. The White Wake Robin is the largest and showiest of trilliums, with lush, waxy flowers that turn slightly pink with age. The Red Wake Robin is one of the quintessential native wildflowers found in our region, offering a bright red splash to the woodland floor. Red Wake Robins are perfect to plant in masses with other early spring flowers and ferns. 

White Wake Robin.jpg

Another exciting native cultivar is the Cobra Lily, more commonly known as the Jack in the Pulpit. Lovely and magical, the Jack in the Pulpit is recognized by a set of three tall leaves with a central stalk which ends in a hooded cup. In spring you can find these along the forest floor in slightly wet areas. These beautiful flowers grow well in shady areas with moist, slightly acidic soil, rich in organic matter. Companion plants include ferns and hostas, making a lovely edge for the woodland garden, or beneath the canopy of trees. 

Of course, we have plenty of great plants to finish naturalizing your woodland garden. Another common favorite, and harbinger of spring: The Lily of the Valley. These flowers will create a lush ground cover of green leaves and welcome every spring with the scent of sweet chains of bell-shaped flowers, scattered amongst the ground. With our Netherland Bulb Company collection, these beautiful bulbs are ready for you to plant!

We also always carry a wide variety of perennial plants- different ferns, hostas, shade loving plants, and hellebores- to mix in your woodland garden scheme.

Hellebores offer the very first flowers of the winter, and are a perfect way to add to a four-season garden.

Demur, yet exquisite, flowers sprout from mounds of evergreen foliage. Perfect for cutting after seeds have dropped, these plants offer joy all year round, as seen here in Roxanne's own garden.

Come see what we have in shop, no matter what the season, our experienced salespeople are ready to help find the perfect fit for your garden.