DIY: A Luau Themed Terrarium Kit

It's spring, and our thoughts are consumed with plants, garden ideas and backyard gatherings. We're adamant about adding bits of green wherever possible, but for those without a garden or yard, a terrarium offers a chance to dig your hands in a bit of dirt and create a landscape, albeit at a miniature scale. For that reason and many more, we love terrariums! 

If you've never assembled a terrarium, or maybe you simply forget the layering details, we make it simple with our many kit options. From large, classic glass shapes to the fun and quirky kit featured below, we have a lot of styles and resources for you. 

These mason jar kits make a great gift, or if you're feeling creative, they're a fun and easy way to pass some time crafting without the need for special supplies or extensive cleanup. If you're throwing a summer party, these terrariums would make a unique place setting/gift for each guest. With our Terrarium Friends kits, you can pick the figurine that speaks most to each guest's personality.  

For birthday parties for tiny green thumbs, these kits would be a great party favor to teach kids more about caring for plants and engage them in a hands-on activity.

Terrarium DIY 10.jpg

For our terrarium, we were inspired by vacations in tropical paradise and chose the luau theme. 

Each Terrarium Kit Contains:

  • A Mason Jar with a vented lid
  • Soil & Pebbles
  • Miniature Figurine 
  • Moss & Fake Mushroom

What You Will Need:

  • A Plant (we have several terrarium plants available in our garden and can help you with your selection)
  • A butter knife to help push soil and pebbles into place

Step 1: Open your kit, open jar, and empty contents.

Step 2: Add soil to jar.

Step 3: Plant your plant in soil, mixing the soil from the plant with the kit soil. 

Step 4: Add a layer of pebbles.

Step 5: Arrange your toy and moss in your new terrarium! You may need to use the butter knife to situate the figurine securely.

Lastly, watch your new landscape grow! Check every couple of weeks to see if your terrarium needs water. Feel the soil to determine if it is dry, and add water if it is. Pull off any leaves that show signs of yellowing or damage, and prune plants if they grow too large.

Visit the shop soon to find these and other great terrarium kits and ideas!