New in the Backyard Garden: Vintage Inspiration from India

India, with its diverse languages, geography, cuisines, climates and artisan wares, sits atop the list of dream destinations for avid travelers. Rich in culture, rich in colors, rich in textures and patterns, this season we're turning to India for inspiration and adding a touch of the exotic to our garden.

Indian Garden Cart.jpg

Now that gardening season is in full swing, the shop's backyard garden is brimming with plants, ceramics and handpicked vintage finds. From vintage Indian vending carts, to repurposed temple gates, we're finding ways to add a sense of adventure and far-off wandering to our collection. 

Anyone who has ever been to India remembers the vivacity of the street. Hand-painted trucks, packed beyond capacity, teeter and weave through the traffic jams of tiny cars, automated rickshaws, bicycles, cows, camels, vendors and even the occasional elephant. Driving is an art form, and crossing the street requires some coaching and careful methodology. Above the streets, the temples tower, with exquisite details and vibrant shrines to the many gods and goddesses. Women bustle through their daily routines, enshrouded in boldly colorful, flowing garments. Even the smallest of children look elegant, twirling in their tiny saris. 

With our curated collection of vintage Indian finds, you'll be able to add a unique focal point to your backyard or garden, and let your mind wander to the energized roads and calming temples of far-off adventures. 

Where temple candles once flickered for worship, greens will grow. Brightly painted buckets make unique planters, and rusty, industrial lanterns will illuminate your garden parties in an unforgettable way.

Vintage Indian Lanterns.jpg

Visit the shop soon to explore the backyard garden for inspiration, and let your mind wander to distant places.