Lightweight Crescent Garden Planters

Your neighbors won't believe their eyes when they witness you moving and arranging these Crescent Garden Planters around your yard. They look like classic concrete and terra cotta materials, but these weather-resistant planters are actually made from lightweight plastic, making them easy to maneuver and longer lasting.   

These angular, stone-like models were inspired by the folds of origami. Embrace the Japanese theme, and incorporate these modern planters into a scene with stones, moss, bamboo, loose greens and splashes of color. Select plants carefully, with an eye to leaf texture and plant shape, and you'll successfully infuse Asian garden themes. 

In addition to your favorite plants, consider using these wide-mouth bowl shapes as water features. Fill with stones, water lilies and stalkier greens to create a calming corner in your garden.

This black planter set would look great on a deck or in a garden with a modernist twist. They're so lightweight, you can arrange and rearrange with ease, changing up your garden aesthetic before the season is finished. 

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