Bright Spring Themes for Tables and Walls

"Seeing red," or "feeling blue." We often use color words to describe moods for a very fitting reason. Colors have the ability to lift our spirits, cause us to reflect or even to brood. Spring's invigorating palette contrasts winter's reserved grays, and we are inspired to emerge from dormancy, just like the bulbs underground. As little buds and blossoms begin to boast their bold hues, it's important to adorn our tables and walls with spirit-lifting spring colors too.

The right yellow will lift our spirits and our self-esteem; it is the color of confidence and optimism. Like the sunshine itself, yellow conveys a joyous, happy mood. Pair the uplifting effects of yellow with the calming scent of lavender in this wreath and arrangement duo, and you'll be floating into spring. 


Reminiscent of a hillside in Provence, our green enamel water bucket contains a springy mix of Yellow Integrifolia, Ammobium, Lavender, Salal (lemon leaves) and the playful Billy Buttons globe flowers. Place on a bedside table, and each morning you'll feel transported. In a dining room or kitchen, the water bucket will make you feel as though you just returned from a stroll to a French farmers market. It's amazing how colorful flowers can change your day!

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