A Floral Inspired Spring Brunch

From where do you draw your menu inspiration? Have you ever planned a meal around an arrangement? That's just what our in-house photographer Quelcy did for this Floral Inspired Spring Brunch. We asked her about her thought process and decorating ideas, and we hope this brunch inspires your own spring gatherings!

This is what Quelcy had to say:

When I first saw Roxanne's Green Enamel Bucket arrangement, I felt transported to Provence. I spent a semester there in college and fell in love with the narrow streets, the farmers markets, the fashionable men and women with baguettes in their bicycle baskets. All the romantic cliches seemed to be true, and everywhere I looked, there were hints of lavender. From soaps, to floral arrangements, to honeys, to fabrics on market bags, the locals were so proud of the flowers that filled their rolling countryside, and the scent was amazing! Roxanne's arrangement would fit perfectly in such a pastoral French scene. 

Roxanne's green enamel water bucket holds a cheery mix of Yellow Integrifolia, Ammobium, Lavender, Salal (lemon leaves) and the playful Billy Buttons. Lavender has many uses both in our homes and on our menus, and the bright yellow accents made me think of fresh citrus, so I began creating a Lavender-Lemon menu to share with fellow Francophiles. 

When I set the table, I added a curly lemon peel garnish to each glass. The yellow peels picked up the yellow hues of the floral arrangement. For the thematic brunch cocktail, I invited guests to mix fresh-squeezed lemon juice, champagne, Art in the Age's Sage Liquor and Royal Rose Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup, according to their flavor preferences. The tart lemon and sweet lavender mixed well with the herbal notes of the Sage Liquor to create a very fresh, spring drink.

This easy side dish combines fennel, blood oranges, roasted red grapes and fennel greens with Pink Himalayan sea salt. Fennel is a staple in many provincial French recipes. Roasting the grapes adds an extra sweetness, and their shape mirrored the spherical Billy Buttons. The loose fennel greens added a color pop to match the green enamel bucket and the salal leaves. 

As a token for each guest, I created simple nosegays using the same flowers in the arrangement. This carried my floral theme to the plates and made a lovely parting gesture to my guests. When it came time to fill those plates with food, my main dish was a Baked Whole Grain Lavender Infused French Toast. I served each portion with a dollop of homemade Lavender Lemon Whipped Cream and added a small sprinkling of loose lavender as a fragrant and flavorful garnish. For these recipes and more, check out my blog With The Grains.

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