Celebrate Spring with a DIY Maidenhair Fern Arrangement

It's officially spring, and while we wait for blossoms and blooms outside, we thought we'd bring some spring greens indoors with a DIY project. Combine a few of these Maidenhair Fern arrangements to create a centerpiece, or place one at each guest's place setting for an extra special spring gathering. They add such freshness to a room, and they are easy to make!

What You Will Need:

A Votive Sized Vessel 
We recommend our Mercury Glass votive holders (available at the shop). They come in a variety of textures, and they add a bright elegance to this springtime arrangement. If you want a more rustic, garden look, try a small terra cotta pot. For something more delicate, use a vintage tea cup and saucer. For a more classical look, try a small Abbot Urn from our collection.

We have a few varieties of moss available at the shop. We like this moss for its bright, grassy green hue and because it adds such stability to the fern stems. The moss tends to break apart quite a bit when you're working with it, so keep a dustpan handy or cover your work surface in newspaper first for an easier cleanup.

Maidenhair Fern
Dyed and preserved, we love the intense green of our Maidenhair Fern. Light and wispy, it immediately brings a fresh spring feel to a room. Using our 7-stem bunch of Maidenhair Fern, you can create 3-4 arrangements like the final version pictured below. Alternately, you could create 1-2 arrangements with a fuller fern look, by concentrating more of the branches into one container.

Step One:

Working in 2-3 small clumps, fill the Mercury Glass with moss, using the darker, more soil-like chunks at the bottom of the container and reserving the brighter green pieces for the top. You want the mound of moss to be firm. Similar to floral foam, the moss will stabilize the fern pieces. 

Roxanne's Fern DIY 04.jpg

Step Two:

Now it's time to add the fern pieces. Begin by poking a small stem into the moss, deep enough so it holds its position. Working around the circumference of the Mercury Glass, continue adding Fern stems until you have completed the circle. If you have visual gaps or holes in your arrangement, cut a smaller, filler Fern at the point where it meets the main stem and insert into the moss. 


With this simple and relaxing DIY, you've created an arrangement to add a burst of spring to your home!