A Fire & Rose Valentine For Him

Victorians gifted red roses as a symbol of love and respect. Share your love with this set of four, petite, preserved red roses, but share your passion with this Fire Incense. 

Five elements of nature represent the wisdom of life. These five elements exist in every place, person, and object in the universe. Physical, spiritual and mental well - being depend upon all five elements being in balance. Reflecting deeply on the origins of nature and life, Nippon Kodo developed elemental incense.

Philippine mango, clove and benzoin. Curiously energizing aroma sparked by the peculiar rhythms of the Mayon Volcano. Like werewolves, the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines tends to erupt with a full moon. Energy is the tide. You are the surfer. Fire Incense brings great flow without the fireworks.

Fire & Rose Valentine Package
includes 4 preserved roses & incense kit (40 sticks & holder)