One-of-a-Kind Nutcrackers & History for Your Holiday Decor

The story of these one-of-a-kind nutcrackers begins in the rich, silver-ore deposits of Germany. These mineral deposits not only gave the Ore Mountains their name but also provided an income for generations of miners. However, when the formerly prosperous mining industry began to dwindle, people living in the area had to find new sources of income. Many of them became wood-carvers and wood-turners and entrepreneurs.

In 1928, one such woodworker founded "Otto Ulbricht‘s Workshop for Fine Wooden Crafts and Toys“ in the small town Seiffen, in the heart of the Ore Mountains. His success was built on his remarkable inventiveness. At the height of his career, Otto Ulbricht was awarded at the World Exhibition in Paris with a gold medal for his children’s room clock designs.

After World War II and the dispossession of the Communist government resulted in the end of the company in Seiffen, now in the Communist East. Otto Ulbricht and his family were forced to flee to West Germany. It was in the village of Lauingen on the Danube River in Bavaria, that he re-established his business. He eventually handed over the management to his son, Christian Ulbricht, in 1968. After Germany was reunited in 1990, Christian Ulbricht restored his father‘s original company in Seiffen.

Today the whimsical creations bring joy to grownups and children alike, and the family tradition of holiday nutcrackers continues. Christian Ulbricht's father first created a bird nutcracker for the birth of his oldest son, and thus their family tradition began. 

Each piece is handcrafted, from carving to painting, which makes every piece truly unique! These nutcrackers were inspired by real birds- a  Woodpecker and a Western Tanager. Start a nutcracker tradition of your own, and build your holiday collections. They make great gifts for bird lovers, history buffs too! 

Available online or at the shop, but hurry! Supplies of these unique birds are limited!