New To Flowers: Indian Ricegrass

Wispy Ricegrass, with its narrow, rolled leaf blades, is known as a bunch grass or tussock grass. Bunch grasses are found in natural ecosystems, as forage in pastures, and as ornamental grasses in gardens. This family of perennial grasses usually grow as singular plants in clumps or tufts, rather than forming a covering like a lawn or meadow. 

Native to western North America, Indian ricegrass is an important food for livestock and for wild grazers. In the past, the grass was a staple food of Native Americans, especially when the maize crop failed. Seed of the ricegrass was gathered and ground into meal or flour and made into bread. 

Steeped in American history, ricegrass is a dramatic bunch on its own, adding a wispy, natural feel to decor. It's also a beautiful bunch to include in wedding designs and arrangements, adding both height, texture and movement to your design. 

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