Decorating with Wheat

The significance of wheat and grains have long been immortalized in religious scriptures, patriotic songs and paintings. In his famed series of wheat fields, Van Gogh expressed through symbolism and use of color his deeply felt spiritual beliefs, appreciation of manual laborers and connection to nature. For many, wheat symbolizes abundance and fertility. It's a celebration of the harvest and the security for the winter months. We too find inspiration in the fall harvest and its grains.

Our Triticum Wheat Wreath has all the swirling energy of Van Gogh's brush strokes and will add a golden warmth to your home on even the shortest days of the year.

Smaller bundles of bearded wheat add color, texture and height to bouquets and arrangements. Pick up one of our bouquets or assemble your own with our flower and grain bunches

Feature our Gold & Green Wheat Bunches by simply displaying them in tall vases. Then add them to your wreaths, bouquets, place settings and more to stretch your harvest decorating long into the holiday season. 

Your guests will remember your harvest table for many holidays to come when you display these impressive wheat sheaves. Pair them with an assortment of natural gourds and pomegranates to complete the look. Your table will be stunning, and you'll still have plenty of time to focus on your menu. 

Visit the shop soon, or browse our online offerings to add begin adding wheat to your own decor.