A Garland for the Table, Wall, Ceiling & Plate

It's summer, and if you're like us, you'd rather grill than fuss with a hot oven, in a hot kitchen. You'd rather spend that extra time lounging by the lake or pool than perfecting a menu. You want to pass the summer nights with friends and family, but you want your summer entertaining to be as effortless as tea brewing in the sun. 

Hanging Garland.jpg

Effortless doesn't mean your garden gatherings have to be boring.  Harvest from your garden, or hit your local farm stand for the freshest of the season. Uncork a bottle of chilled wine. Invite your close friends and with a little bit of creativity, you can easily make each casual gathering look and feel a little differently. 

We love our summer collection of handcrafted paper garlands for the subtle ways they can add a pop of color and whimsy to a gathering. As a centerpiece, a garland gracing the table, a wall embellishment, or as a fun way to mark your guests' place settings, these colorful flowers will help you to add some garden magic without excessive effort. 

Be sure to visit us at Roxanne's Dried Flowers for this and more ideas for your summer of entertaining. Then go ahead and enjoy those extra minutes on the beach or by the pool.