A Backyard Garden Party at Roxanne's Dried Flowers

One of the goals of Roxanne's Dried Flowers is to inspire new ways to live beautifully every day, and one way to imbue beauty is to gather your friends and family and pass the time slowly. On that note, we threw a Backyard Garden Party to inspire your own gatherings, with ideas for decor, drinks and food. The underlying theme was simplicity at its best. Our goal is for you to host the perfect evening while still extracting all the relaxation summer has to offer. 

Guests were greeted at the front of the shop with the familiar tunes of our favorite ukulele lady, Jody Perigo. She delighted, entertained and even puzzled a few passersby with her set of old standards, covers, and originals.

Guests meandered through the store, taking in the latest in gifts and dried arrangements, before entering the backyard garden. 

With fruits and vegetables at their freshest this time of year, creating a party spread without slaving in the kitchen is as easy as ever. Local food writer & stylist, Quelcy Kogel prepped these garden inspired appetizers with the idea of simplicity in mind. Find these easy recipes and more on her blog, With The Grains

Stay Tuned Distillery owner, LeeAnn Sommerfeld combines two of our interests- cocktails and gardening in her book Add Dirt & Stir.  We were so thrilled to have her join us in the garden to discuss her book and sample a cocktail featuring her PathoGin.

Our friends from Shields Demesne Winery brought a variety of their Melomel wines for us to sample. Melomels are made using an old-fashioned Hungarian method. The ingredients are fermented and aged in Bourbon whiskey barrels for at least two years while enduring the intense temperature fluctuations of a greenhouse. This creates a rich Port or Sherry type character with varieties ranging from dry to sweet. These dessert style wines paired well with the garden fresh crostinis and cheeses.

Many of the snacks featured fresh herbs from owner Roxanne's home garden, including basil,  mint and lemon verbena.


Adding garden fresh herbs and fruits to a pitcher of water is a simple detail that adds a lot of aesthetic and taste appeal to a summer gathering, as does a cold beer. We featured a few varieties from local favorite East End Brewery.

Thanks to all who participated and attended our Backyard Garden Party! We hope you were equally entertained and inspired. If you were unable to attend, stay tuned for more in-store events.

See you again soon!