In The Winter Garden: Fresh Greens & Garlands

When we arrange and style our collections, our heads fill with narratives. Our imaginations run wild with the stories of the projected customer who would fall for a particular decoration or flower. We imagine the way a wreath will welcome guests and act as an introduction to the home. In many ways, the store is a collection of snippets of our own dream dining rooms, living rooms, mantles and more.

For this reason, so many of you have told us how you find respite in our store. You walk through the doors, from the chaos of the traffic, merchants and shoppers of the Strip District, and you immediately smell the apothecary flavors, the candles, the dried flowers and the potpourri. Your eyes behold the twisting vines and light fixtures, the vintage hutches, the aged wallpaper backdrops and the countless details. You take a deep breath, you take in the room visually, and you feel as though you have escaped.

This holiday season, we're inviting you to add another level of escape to your store visit. From the Christmas trees, sparkling ornaments, twinkling lights and more, we invite you to continue, to push open the doors and embrace the chill of our backyard garden.

There's something about a garden in the winter that begs for pause. For better or worse, the chill pulls you from your distractions and centers you firmly in that moment. The greens contrast vividly against the dormant vines creeping and crawling over the worn walls. The solidity of the walls, and the beauty they suspend, block the outside world even further. You can imagine yourself in the middle of a secret garden, as if this is the private garden, just beyond your perfectly decorated holiday home, in the woods or countryside.

Though the holidays may be chaotic, decorating may feel like an afterthought, and your gift list might loom over you still, we're inviting you to take home a token of this feeling of winter escape. Take home the vibrant green color of these handcrafted garlands and wreaths, whose fragrant needles play host to snowflakes and birds all the winter long.

Designed and handmade by Roxanne's mother, this family collection of fresh greens includes a variety of styles and sizes, so be sure to visit the garden soon to find your favorite. We also offer custom outdoor arrangements, so be sure to place your order in time for the holidays. Wreath prices start at $26, so there's something for all budgets.