A Fruitful Winter: Florals & Garlands

Winter is when the produce section boasts the bright colors of oranges, grapefruits and the more uncommon citruses. The fresh scents and tart flavors can do wonders to brighten and enliven a cold winter's day. 

As much as our bodies crave the Vitamin C boost, we also crave the bright citrus accents in our decor and arrangements. This time of year, we adorn our tables and walls with dried oranges, pomegranates and hot peppers to transport us to colorful fields in warmer places. If you, like us, are looking for more ways to soak up Vitamin C this winter, we found plenty of citrus inspiration.

This Winter Citrus Upside Down Cake from Adventures in Cooking is the perfect excuse to warm your oven, invite friends to brave the cold, and to share a slice with some whipped cream, hot tea and maybe a glass of wine too.

Warm up your morning routine with this Citrus & Spice Juice Recipe from With The Grains. The cayenne and turmeric will help get your blood flowing despite the cold.

Feeling like sipping something a little stronger? This Blood Orange Bourbon Sparkler is just the drink. Invite friends and have each friend bring one of the key components to spread out costs and ensure second glasses. 

Want to leave that citrus scent throughout your home? Do it in a natural way with this DIY Lemon Rosemary Cleaning Spray from Eat Boutique. Made from vinegar, citrus peel, herbs and essential oils, this spray will clean and freshen your home without any of the harsh toxins in commercial cleaners. Visit us at Roxanne's Dried Flowers to fill up on essential oils in various scents to tweak the recipe.

When it comes to decorating, visit us at the shop to explore the ways we add bright flowers and citrus accents to our winter arrangements, garlands and more! Or purchase a bag of quince slices or colorful dried and preserved flowers to brigthen a corner nook in your home today.

Note: Styles and availability vary. Visit the store to see available arrangements and garlands, or talk to us about a custom order to best fit your needs.