Fresh Winter Scents

We spend a lot of time indoors in the winter months. As we hide from the snowy world, under thick blankets and sweaters, it's calming to have winter's fresh scents fill our homes. This season, we channel the outdoors with our Incense Burning German House and dyed & preserved bunches of greens.

For starters, our miniature, incense-burning house evokes a German mountainside with cabins and chateaus, where skiers, sledders and snowmen builders return to warm their cold hands by the fire. Your little chimney will puff with the finest of incense cones and fill your room with a pleasant pine aroma. Knox selects top quality materials that are freshly ground and directly processed. A gentle dying process ensures the natural materials and ingredients keep well and give the incense cones their unmistakable, traditional scent from old, handed-down recipes.

Complement the pine incense with bunches of our dyed & preserved Cedar and Juniper bunches. These bunches evoke the scents and colors of fresh greens without the mess of shedding needles or a loss of color.

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May your winter be warm and fresh!