Snowy Pine Cone Needles for Effortless Holiday Decorating

This time of year, we find ourselves gathered at the table frequently for holiday dinners, festive brunches, and wine and cheese hours that extend into the night. By the time you've planned a menu and prepared the food, adding a special touch to the table can feel exhausting. However, with a staple decorating element, you can achieve several different looks effortlessly. You'll stay inspired through the holiday season, and your guests will applaud the detail you put into your entertaining. 

For that reason, we love these loose, snowy pine needles. Paired simply with a container, they add a rustic, wintry note to a wooden table. Scattered loosely, they form a garland like focal point.

Snowy Pine Needles.jpg

For each holiday gathering, you can mix and match, embellish and transform your table simply.

All natural Pine Cone candles by the Bee Man Candle Company will create a glowing, wintry forest feel to your table when interspersed with your snowy pine needles.

Or juxtapose an accent of the elegant with the natural. In this version, we tucked our golden acorn ornaments throughout the loose needles to create a more sophisticated centerpiece.

Continuing with our love of gold, we featured our favorite Christmas tree toppers in the snowy pine needles. Interweave some of our favorites with your family heirlooms for a more personalized feel. When guests gather at your table, you'll be able to regale them with the stories behind your collections.

The holiday season can be stressful, but decorating doesn't have to be. Make it enjoyable and stay inspired! Stop by the store for more ideas and suggestions from our expert staff, or shop our online Seasonal section and let the decorating begin!