The Country Mouse & The City Mouse


Once upon a time, there was a meek and kind Country Mouse and her vivacious cousin who lived amongst the glamour and glitz of the big city. When the holidays arrived, the City Mouse ventured over country roads, to visit her cousin, in her home underground. Unimpressed by the country's quiet charms, the City Mouse convinced the country cousin to experience the sparkling city and its constant commotion. After scurrying to evade carriage wheels, fancy high heels and cats lurking in corners, the exhausted Country Mouse called it quits. The City Mouse bid the Country Mouse farewell before finding a fancy party to scavenge for fallen fringes and pretty pearls. As she bumped and bounced on the country roads to her home, the Country Mouse was filled with relief and gratitude for the peace of her holiday home. At Roxanne's Dried Flowers, we love a little of both the country's quiet charms and the big city's shimmer and shine for our holiday season.  

Country Mouse House.jpg

The City Mouse collects her decor from the cultural collage of the urban fabric, with Asian and Scandinavian influences scattered amongst glimmering glasses. Hers is a holiday of celebratory decadence and delicate trees. Hers is a holiday arranged to wow and to impress large gatherings and parties that flicker and shine long into the night. 

City Mouse.jpg