Spring Holidays in the bag

Hop on down to Roxanne's for all your Spring Holiday needs! We have Easter bunny baskets, Passover centerpieces, and Mother's Day treats ready for you to peruse. Our Spring flower selection is colorful and lovely, while tropical plants and regional early perennials and bulbs are ready for adding cheer both inside and out. 


Check out the options today, and as a holiday treat, use code word "HOP" to receive 10% off your holiday decor, through April 15th. And a friendly notice, we will be closed next Sunday, April 16th, for a staff Spring break.

Happy Holidays!

Spring Has Sprung

It's officially spring! And although the weather hasn't quite caught up, we are ready and stocked with spring time wreaths and arrangements. Swing by the shop for the ultimate spring time shopping experience or browse our site for a curated selection of our spring time best.


If you don't see quite what you're looking for in store or online, we are always more than happy to create something special just for you. Stop by the shop or send us an email to get a custom order started. And enjoy your spring! 

DIY Wreath

A step by step guide to making your own wreath featuring flowers of mid spring. Dried lavender, peonies and a garland of mixed greens create a pretty composition ready to compliment any interior.

Step 1: Cut and bundle lavender with wired twine.

Step 2: Cut integrifolia branches.                         

Step 3: Situate prepped materials for use in the wreath.

Step 4: Hang wreath base for ease when adding materials.

Step 5: Create structure using leaves, sticking stems in between branches of the wreath.

Step 6: Layer in integrifolia branches for contrast and depth.

Step 7: Tie lavender bundles around wreath, making sure to wrap twine under leaves.

Step 8: Complete lavender composition using all bundles in varied directions.

Step 9: Choose placement of cut peonies and weave stems into wreath base.

Step 10: Add all peonies for a completed wreath with flowing, balanced composition.

DIY Bundle Basket


Creating an arrangement of your own has never been easier. The simplistic stylings of the bundle basket will leave you with an arrangement in no time at all. Complimentary flowers have been chosen to simply be placed into the gathering basket. The parvafolia creates shape, while the hydrangea adds a focal point to the arrangement. The greek oregano balances out the mass of the hydrangea, while the santa cruz oregano is used to fill in the arrangement as the final element. Follow the simple steps below to learn the artistry behind the bundle basket.



Step 1: Hang basket for arranging ease.


Step 2: Add greens to create shape.


Step 3: Complete shape and add mass with hydrangea.

Step 4: Add greek oregano for texture, trimming stems to fit. 


Step 5: Bind stems for easy insertion.                            


Step 6: Insert greek oregano to balance the mass of the hydrangea.

Step 7: Divide santa cruz oregano to fill gaps in arrangement.

Step 8: Insert first bunch between hydrangea and greek oregano.

Step 9: Trim second bunch to fit beneath greek oregano.

Step 10: Insert second bunch, to fill and complete the mound of flowers.